Charm pendant light


Charm is a versatile lighting collection that celebrates white Onyx, a beautiful and pure natural stone with wide variations featuring a charming icy background.
Skillfully carved from a single piece of white Onyx and finished at each end with satin brass elements, Charm pendant light boasts an unmistakable fascinating crystal-like structure.
Unique veins of each piece of Onyx mean no two lights are exactly the same; rare and precious, white Onyx is considered a staple for luxury since ancient times.
Its design allows the light to be suspended individually or composed in multiples with a chandelier effect in response to a space’s architecture and function. Charm pendant light branches out from a central point in a pure, geometric manner, enhancing the features of this precious material.
It houses a dimmable strip integrated LED. The fixture hangs from an adjustable brass cord and is installed in the ceiling in a round satin brass canopy.
The pendant light is the first drop of the soon to be revealed Charm lighting series.
Design Jacopo Simonetti

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Jacopo Simonetti


H50 L8 W3,5 cm


4 weeks


Handmade in Italy

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