Credenza sideboard


Credenza is the collection that marked the brand?s debut. Its authors ? Patricia Urquiola and Federico Pepe ? were inspired by the windows of holy sites as the ones created by Gerhard Richter for Cologne?s Cathedra. ?Credenza sideboard is produced in blue lacquered metal and mouth-blown stained glass. The pattern recalls a pyramid under the sun, where the ?spines? are rays of light.?Credenza reconciles the orthodoxy of Patricia Urquiola’s contemporary design and the heresy of Federico Pepe’s art as a form of communication.?The story is all about pieces of furniture that can be displayed close to a wall or in the centre of a room. Their main function is not only to decorate or to store, but to create a presence within the space.

Design Patricia Urquiola + Federico Pepe

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L116 x W42 x H93 cm




Federico Pepe, Patricia Urquiola

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