Kouki set white


From the collaboration with Nendo originates Kouki, a project that reveals Oki Sato?s?emotional interpretation of the ritual of lighting a candle. Kouki (Kou ? meaning light in Japanese- and Ki ? sheen/shine) is a marble tray that gathers a series of elements gravitating around the main protagonist, the candle.?The candle is contained in a marble cylinder which presents a central cut to facilitate its lighting. Other precious elements complete the set: a match holder, a wick trimmer, a container for used matches and a snuffer to extinguish the flame. All items are placed in a specific position and have their purpose. The concept behind Kouki relates to the substantial purity of things with a focus on removing, rather than adding, coherently reaffirming Nendo?s distinctive creative approach.?Kouki set white is made in Arabescato marble, with accessories in hand-brushed brass.

Design Nendo

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4 weeks


L48,4 x W25,4 x H1 cm



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