Miss Marble Travertino


Miss Marble Travertino Noce, a unique and unrepeatable creation of nature.
The limited edition jar is made in Travertino Noce, a natural stone with an excellent aesthetic quality, quarried in Tuscany. Used all over the world for over 2000 years for the most prestigious architectural works such as the Colosseum, it witnesses strength and durability. Its dominant color is brown with limited darker or lighter shades that enhance its delicate streaks. This stone is characterized by very small holes and pores on the surface that are left open for a more intense tactile experience. Its name (noce is walnut in Italian) recalls the shell of a walnut. Travertino allows our artisans’s skilled hands to create little masterpieces from nature’s gifs. Unique, unrepeatable, that defy the passing of time.
An everlasting gift for the very special ones, including you.

Design Lorenza Bozzoli

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D10 x H12 cm


Lorenza Bozzoli


2 weeks


Handmade in Italy

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